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Canada canceled the duty imposed 20 years ago on Ukrainian steel

During the next revision of duties introduced in 2001 on hot-rolled carbon and alloy steel sheet and strip from Brazil, China, India and Ukraine, Canada refused to extend the 77% duty on goods from Ukraine.

The Government of Canada has decided not to extend the 77% import duty on Ukrainian hot-rolled and alloyed strip steel introduced in 2001.

Ottawa canceled its regulation regarding the dumping of such goods exported or originating from Ukraine, because continuing to import these goods is unlikely to cause harm, the Canadian International Trade Terminal said in a statement.

Relevant duties on similar steel products from Brazil, China and India remain.

“Since August 2001, duties of 77% have been imposed on hot-rolled carbon flat products originating from Ukraine in Canada, which actually deprived our producers of an economic incentive to export their products to Canada. After 20 years, it will finally be possible to supply Ukrainian steel products to Canada again,” Ambassador of Ukraine Yulia Kovaliv commented on this decision.

Previously reported that Canada plans, following the UK and the EU, to abolish all duties on imports of goods from Ukraine. This statement was made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after a meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

Recall that in early May, the United States suspended for a year the 25% duty on imports of any type and grade of steel from Ukraine.