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NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC is a specialized supplier of stainless steel products.

The main activity of our company is the supply of flat and long products of stainless steels and alloys of European origin. The offered range of metal products also includes welded and seamless pipes, pipeline fittings.

NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC is a metal trading complex with the latest equipment of leading world companies. We provide our clients with European quality and service.

The company has successfully passed the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system certification.

We are not only a professional and strong team, but also a reliable and comfortable company to work with.


The quality management system of NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Certificate № Q-9807/19

We will help you not only to buy stainless steel products at the best price, but also advise on all issues of interest.

Call us +38 (073) 4252-333 or request a call back

Our specialist will contact you soon and advise on all matters.

Additional services

  • Cutting

    Water Jet Cutting - cutting with water (or abrasive water) jet of flat product up to 150 mm thick. Manufacturing of parts (blanks billets) according to customer design. Cutting to length and slitting of coils from 0.4 to 14.0 mm thick and up to 2100 mm wide. Band mill cutting of long products of a diameter up to 360 mm.

  • Grinding and polishing

    Modern coil grinding line allows surface processing in a thickness range of 0.4 to 3.0 mm at a maximum width of 1550 mm and grinding per sheet in a thickness range of 0.4 to 8.0 mm at a width up to 2100 mm.

  • Protection

    Foil pasting of flat product (protective foil, foil for laser cutting and deep drawing), covering with paper/cardboard and packing on reinforced euro pallets ensures the safety of the material during long-term transportation and reloading.

  • Sorting and packing

    Packing of flat product for retail orders (up to 50 kg) and delivery by SAT, Nova Poshta, Night Express. As per our customer’s requirements we are able to offer bundles assembling of specified weight, number of sheets and length, coil rewinding of required inner or outer diameter.

  • Loading

    NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC warehouse is equipped with a crane-beam and a forklift, which allows to load stainless steel material into any vehicle quickly and effectively.

  • Delivery

    We provide customers with an additional service for the delivery of metal products. We deliver stainless rolled steel to all regions, by all types of transport with no restriction for the order quantity and number of items, meeting orders of any complexity.

How we are working

  • Contact

    NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC aims at offering the best quality service to all our customers. Our team is constantly in touch and will help make the process of purchasing stainless steel products as simple and efficient as possible.

  • Contract execution

    Qualified document management is an integral part of NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC supplies. Flexible agreement of the terms of contracts takes into account the needs of each customer.

  • Order preparation

    The order will be prepared and packed on time. Ready to begin loading?

  • Onsite delivery

    Our logistics specialists will organize the delivery of an order at any convenient time for you. We offer the most efficient rates and help to reduce transportation costs.

Why our customers trust us?

  • Reliability

    Business integrity and honesty are two important components of corporate policy.

  • Safety

    Each of our order deliveries is the result of strict adherence to the company's obligations.

  • Efficiency

    We offer the fastest delivery in Ukraine and optimal task solution in the shortest possible time.

  • Quality

    Our products and services conform to European quality standards.

  • A wide range
    of goods

    We hold to the idea of balanced supply for our partners and customers.

  • Attention
    to details

    From the moment you contact our company, all our capacities in Ukraine and abroad will work for you.

  • Extensive

    The company's warehouse is located in Dnipro, but the goods are delivered to any point in Ukraine.

  • Additional

    Our company offers a multilevel service to all our customers.

  • Consultations
    of experts

    Combination of professionalism and experience enables us to provide high quality service.

NICHELCROM UKRAINE LLC is your reliable partner.
In our price list you will always find the most favorable and actual prices for stainless steel products.

Our team


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  • Dnipro Metallurgical Plant at the end of 2020 worked ahead of schedule

    All divisions of the plant, with the exception of the sinter shop, worked the last month of 2020, exceeding the plan.

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  • Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant invested 244 million hryvnia in its development in 2020

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